Book - God's Way to Manage Money

New Book By: Pastor Rick Collins

What the Bible really teaches about money and how to find your financial freedom

There are many misconceptions about what the Bible really says about money. As a result, the Bible is often dismissed as irrelevant in one’s pursuit of financial well-being. Distorted teachings about what the Bible actually says have even caused some to think it is impossible to be financially blessed and spiritually blessed at the same time. However you presently think about the Bible, I guarantee that if you read this book and take to heart the instructions contained in it, it will change your perspective and your life. You’ll know more about finances than 99% of the people in the world. You will know what the Bible really teaches about money. And you will see that from God’s perspective you have all the potential to be wealthy in this world in every respect – in spirit, soul and body. You can be financially able to be a blessing to yourself, to those you love and to others.
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